Welcome to Ridgeways Mall, a friendly shopping centre with easily accessible stores and delicious food in unrivalled serene environment

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Ridgeways Mall is a vibrant hub of stores, featuring several brand-names and one-of-a-kind retailers. Shop the most exclusive fashion stores, home ware stores, electronics shops or dive into delights from your favourite eateries all in one day and all under one roof! Speak of being spoilt for choice.

This shopping centre not only consists of well-known stores but also has banks like SBM, Equity & Cooperative Bank, ATMs for leading banks in the country and financial services such as Morgan Forex Bureau where you can seamlessly exchange your currencies at your convenience.

Ridgeways Mall offers you the best of the big malls in the environs of Ridgeways and Runda-Evergreen estates, on Kiambu Road. You will find a wide range of services such as mobile banking, holiday getaway bookings, tours and travel, laundry, general car services, repairs and yes, getting your booze on!

Set against the breath-taking, serene leafy backdrop, Ridgeways Mall has ample safe parking and 24 hour security. So park up and indulge in a spot of retail therapy where you’ll discover several stores to peruse at your leisure, without worrying about where you’ve left the car!

A Little Slice of Heaven

Enjoy a variety of cuisines in our food court that comprises of highly rated restaurants and renowned chefs providing you truly memorable culinary and dining experiences. The Food Court and Cafe collection offers the best in breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, light bites and coffee breaks. The crowning touch is savouring your favourite meal while enjoying the cool fresh breeze blowing from the nearby Karura Forest. Simply tantalizing!

Hidden Gems of East Africa

The Maasai Curio Market is a convergence zone for locals and tourists in search of authentic African artistic products. Products range from beautiful artwork to leather sandals, bags, kiondos, statement jewelry, carvings and African fabrics. Immerse yourself today into the Kenyan culture & souvenir shopping at our famous Maasai Curio Market.