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The Maasai Curio Market is a convergence zone for locals and tourists in search of authentic African artistic products. It’s an open-air market with a large variety of products ranging from African pots and pans, clothing made from beautiful and colourful African fabrics, Maasai leather sandals, beaded jewelry, kiondos, shukas… You name it, you will find it at the Maasai Curio Market. You will also find a variety of wooden carvings, bowls, baskets and artwork to add a little Kenyan vibe to your home.


Our Maasai Curio Market is here to offer value, diversity, uniqueness and close the gap between talented local artisans and shoppers! We are open every Tuesday and Friday from 9.00am to 7.00pm.


To book a space, please inbox us at Facebook@ridgewaysmall or call us on 0782 251 680.