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Eat these 20 foods to feel superhuman in 2023: 1. Lean Beef Lean beef is one of your best sources of iron, zinc, and selenium. 2. Poultry One 3.5-oz. serving of skinless chicken breast has vital nutrients like potassium, vitamin D, iron, and calcium. 3. Fish Oily fish such as salmon and trout are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can benefit your heart and nervous system. 4. Eggs Not only do eggs provide a lot of protein, but they’re also a great source of vitamins B-2 and B-12. 5. Berries/Raspberries Berries are some of the best sources of disease-fighting nutrients and prebiotics for a healthy gut. 6. Spinach The high iron

We all remember getting gifts for occasions such as birthdays, or for festivals such as Christmas when we were young. But, as times change, so have people’s tastes and it is very difficult to predict what someone will like. If you still aren’t sure what to get for the special people in your life, gift vouchers make a good choice. Here are five reasons gift vouchers are the perfect gifts: 1. Easily Stay on Budget When you provide gift vouchers, it’s easier to stay on budget. You don’t have to fuss about spending just a little bit more for something you see

Cocktail Recipes to Get You to 2023 Mixing a signature drink makes any moment feel more festive, whether you're planning a quiet night by the fire or fireworks at the backyard with family and friends. But whether you choose to serve up a festive vodka cocktail or a warming whiskey punch for the cold evenings, these fun drinks are sure to help you celebrate the holidays in good spirits — with the help of a couple of, well, good spirits. Fruity Red Sangria   We love our sangria in the summer, and this version, with apples and oranges, is just as delicious. It’s easy

We hope you’re enjoying the festive period so far! Today, it’s December 26th, otherwise known as Boxing Day, but what does Boxing Day actually mean and where did the concept come from? How did Boxing Day get its name? Nope, contrary to popular belief – it doesn’t involve the sport, however, the correct origin of Boxing Day isn’t exactly known but there are a few competing theories which claim to represent the true meaning. Here are two of the most common theories: Time Off for Servants During the Victorian age, it’s said that on boxing day, after servants spent the Christmas Day attending to their