Welcome to Ridgeways Mall, a friendly shopping centre with easily accessible stores and delicious food in unrivalled serene environment

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Covid Protocols

Keeping you safe & well during your visit

Our priority is the safety of everyone who visits and works at Ridgeways Mall – nothing is more important to us. Our teams will continue to work hard and enforce in-facility compliance with the Ministry of Health Safety guidelines.

What measures are in place?

Hand Sanitization

Placement of hand washing stations at entrances with running water and soap. This is a sure way of minimizing many other communicable diseases besides COVID- 19. We also provide the use alcohol based hand sanitizers. Please make use of these as you wish when visiting. Our toilet facilities have soap and water too.

Use of gloves does not replace hand washing.

Face Covering

Proper donning of masks in all areas of the mall is mandatory.

Cleaning & Disinfection

Our staff have been working incredibly hard to keep the mall clean and safe during the COVID-10 pandemic and we are hugely grateful to them. This includes deep cleaning key touchpoints like toilets, door handles, handrails, more frequently – this will continue for the foreseeable future. Tenants also ensure regular disinfection of surfaces such as tables, chairs, counters, tools and other equipment

Please note, due to this enhanced cleaning regime, the toilets at any location may be closed for a deep clean at any one time. If you arrive to find a facility closed, signage will direct you to the nearest available facility.


We encourage all people visiting Ridgeways Mall to kindly refrain from hugging and handshaking as a means of exchanging greetings.

Social Distancing Markers

We appreciate that some people may want to maintain social distancing, so we have kept our floor graphics to support this.

Please consider how close to other shoppers you stand (e.g. whilst queuing at the till, or when in sitting areas such as restaurants) to ensure everyone feels comfortable. Kindly try and maintain a physical distance of at least 2 meters (6 feet).



Proper Waste Management

Proper management of waste arising Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) such as used masks and gloves through provision of waste disposal points across designated areas in the mall.